Name badges 85 x 50 mm

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Content200 Labels
  • Stick reliably to clothes and remove easily without leaving residues
  • Backside perforation for easy detachment
  • Guranteed jam-free printing
  • Free templates and software on
  • PVC free material for the environment
  • Name badges  L4882-20 Content: 200 Labels
  • Name badges  L4882-20
  • Name badges  L4882-20 85 x 50 mm
  • Name badges  L4882-20 Content: 200 Labels
  • Name badges  L4882-20
  • Name badges  L4882-20 85 x 50 mm


The self-adhesive, removable name badges L4882-20 for laser printers from AVERY in the format Ø65 mm will make organising events and conferences easy (160 white textile name tags per pack).

They are round with a diameter of 85 x 50 mm. There is space for the most common information such as name, company and logo.

The round name labels are also suitable for communicating important messages that you need to pass onto other people without engaging in actual conversation. These could be messages like "please keep your distance", "I am exempt from wearing a face mask" or "I am a vulnerable person".

You can design and print the precise message to fit the situation.

The acetate silk name badges stick reliably on clothes and textiles and are removable without leaving any residues and without damaging clothes. They are easy to detach and hand out with the backing paper still in place for a later application.

The name badge are guaranteed jam-free on all standard inkjet printers. Design and print your name badges quick and easy - for free templates and software solutions please visit


Dimensions85 x 50 mm
Content200 Labels
Software CodeL4882-20
Made fromAcetate Silk
Grammage120 g/m²
Adhesive Typeremovable
Eco-friendlyPVC-free , CO2 neutral

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