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Excellent merchandise identification and labelling

METO has been pioneering new ideas and innovative solutions for retailers for over 50 years now. Our ideas are tailored precisely to the needs of the retail sector and play a role in changing the shape of the market. We have developed numerous sales promotion solutions which have since become integral parts of the standard retail set-up.

METO invented the first hand labeler. The PromoSign price cassettes and poster writning kits also bear our name. Many other patented solutions which will ce familiar to you from everyday use are products from our company. We are always looking for ways to make our products even more flexible and easier to use, so that we can meet the needs of retailers.

METO Handlabeler
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Your Retail Label Expert

METO develops, produces and sells a large number of labels and labelling solutions. Our portfolio includes price and advertising labels, products for labelling in accordance with the German Food Information Regulation (FIR) and HACCP directives, barcode labels and electromagnetic merchandise security labels. We supplement this portfolio with cost-efficient solutions for fresh produce labelling, fixture solutions for electronic price labelling, and sales promotion solutions.

For nearly 60 years, METO has repeatedly invented labelling and sales promotion solutions that continue to define today's standard practice in the retail sector. In doing so, we have made it possible for retailers to inform customers of prices, use-by dates, product information, special promotions and much else besides in an effective manner while doing a better job of communicating all types of information that promote sales.

Tradition and innovation

METO is a provider of high-quality products and partner to the retail sector. Our success is the result of decades of experience and our close collaboration with our customers. As a result, we are also able to develop innovative and customer-specific concepts and implement these with precision. Our solutions are designed to help retailers satisfy the ever-changing requirements of the retail industry while remaining well-equipped for the demands of the future.

METO has been around for 100 years. The company was established in Cologne in 1918 by Adolf Metzger and Oskar Kind. Since 2016, METO has been a part of CCL Industries Inc., a market leader in the field of labelling and packaging solutions for companies and consumers. Within the CCL Group, METO is managed as an independent company within CCL's Avery division. METO, which is based in Hirschhorn am Neckar, employs approx. 200 people.

Avery Nordic

Avery Nordic

Distribution Partner

Avery Nordic is Meto Distribution partner. As of December 1st, 2018 the METO distribution partner will be Avery, serving the markets of Denmark and Sweden. Avery is a part of the global CCL Gruop as Meto International GmbH, therefore you can consider Avery to be like a direct contact to Meto. It is a strong partnership, that do increase the speed to market, improve service and aiming to generate greater customer satisfaction.

CCL (Connecticut Chemical Limited)

Since 2016, METO has been a part of CCL Industries Inc., a market leader in the field of labeling and packaging solutions for companies and consumers.

Within the CCL group, METO operates with a workforce of around 170 as a company in its own right in the Avery division. This strengthens METO as a traditional brand and opens up a broad spectrum of new possibilities for our customers.

CCL Industries Inc. was founded in 1951 as Connecticut Chemicals Limited in Toronto, Canada. CCL Industries has evolved into the world leader in specialty packaging and labels.

A global specialty packaging pioneer

CCL is the largest label company in the world and provides innovative solutions to the Home & Personal Care, Premium Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Specialty, Automotive & Durables and Consumer markets worldwide. The Company is divided into six reporting segments.

METO - Quality made in Germany

Our certifications

The METO brand places great value on ensuring the high quality and durability of its products. To ensure that this remains the case for us and our customers over the long term, we aspire to more than high standards – we also subject ourselves to the demanding standards of external organisations, something that is demonstrated by a series of recognised certifications.

Quality made in Germany! METO attaches great importance to high-quality and durable products. To this end, we are committed to high standards and undergo regular assessments according to riorous third-party benchmarks. We are certified in accordance with numerous recognised standards for production adn raw materials, such as:

  • ISO 9001/14001/50001
  • VO1935-2004 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • BRC Global - food safety certification (HACCP)
  • FSC/PEFC - in support of a sustainable timber industry
  • Free of latex, bisphenol, heavy metals and ozone-depleting substances
METO - BRC Global Standards
METO - ISO 9001
METO - ISO 14001
METO - ISO 50001


METO - Your Retail Label Expert

We develop, produce and market a diverse range of labels and labeling solutions:

- Price labeling and coding
- Promotion of new products
- Marking of promotion articles
- Labeling of reduced items
- Labeling in accordance with the European Food Information Regulation (FIR)
- Seal of freashness for fresch-cut products
- Bonus and loyalty points for customer loyalty programmes
- Thermo labels for standard printers and scales
- Labeling in the field of medical sterilisation

METO industries - Discounter

Increase the speed of your merchandise sales!

Customers only purchase products for which they are able to find the price.

METO labeling and sales promotion solutions help you achieve your objectives throughout your store while increasing impulse purchases.

METO industries - Textiles

Textile labeling from production through to the store!

Whether it be for labelling each piece in production or for the finished products, we can provide the right adhesives for any surface or a suitable labelling element for your merchandise.

METO industries - Food

Complying with legal requirements – using labeling to increase product sales!

Customers expect product and price information in the direct vicinity of the article. Retailers and service providers are legally required to take particular care when dealing with food, including its identification and labelling.

METO industries - Consumer Electronics

Information right with the product!

Showcase the technical details, article information and sales price to great effect with METO.

Department identification and customer guidance systems serve as orientation for your customers and offer them a clear view of your product range.

METO industries - DIY Garden Centres

Indoor and outdoor product labeling!

Are you looking for labelling solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas? Are you interested in customer guidance systems, or do you require displays for special product placements and pallet goods?

We have the right frame for your needs.

METO industries - Pharmacies, Chemists & Cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals and non-prescription products perfectly labeled!

Showcase your good name and let your customers know about your special service in an appropriate fashion.

METO offers a complete range of products for professional identification, labeling, advertising and sales promotion in pharmacies.

METO industries - Industry

Efficient processes demand smart solutions!

Precise labelling and secure identification – that is what the METO brand stands for.

It makes possible the fast and verifiable inspection of products in production, quality assurance, warehousing and distribution at any time.

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