Security & Identification

Inventory- and marking labels are very important for many areas: whether hard-wearing and durable, tear- or waterproof, suitable for outdoor storing with extreme temperature changes or resistant to chemicals and oils. We offer a large range of removable or permanent adhesive special labels for safe inventory labelling, sealing and marking.

Avery Strong Labels

Suitable for outdoor applications

Avery Extra Strong Labels

Stick 3 times stronger than conventional labels

Avery Ultra Resistant GHS Labels

Ultra-resistant stretchable labels

Avery Inspection Plates

Suitable for all technical machines

Avery Labels for Inventory and equipment

Easy overview with uniform and durable labels

Cabel Markers

Organise the tangle of cables

Avery Freezer Labels

For when it gets frosty

Avery Security Anti Tamper Labels

Stop unwanted interference

Avery No Peel Labels

Protect your property

Avery Warning Birds

Make windows and glass doors visible

Avery antimicrobial labels

Removes 99,9% of all viruses, bacteria and germs