Customized Solutions

In addition to the standard solutions, we also produce special products tailored to your individual wishes.

Contact one of our Key Account Managers for a dialogue about a Customized Solution that suit your needs.

Contact one of our Key Account Managers for a detailed dialogue about a tailored solution.

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Torben Agerfeldt
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Ann Hallbäck

Ann Hallbäck
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Customized Solutions - for your METO Products

Hand labeling solutions

Printbands / printband sets for individual tool printing with special engraving on the tool logo fields.


Customer-specific pre-print in accordance with the METO colour chart (Pantone colours) or with your company colours.

Printing, punching and bending plastic

Shelf crowners, customer stoppers, transparent poster covers for ceilings and shelves, protective covers, PVC attachment pieces for price cassettes / price displays, merchandise text ranges, shelf banners, displays for use as departmental designations or customer direction systems, printing of shopping baskets.

Injection-moulded plastic

Various colours and formats for price cassettes, price displays, attachment pieces, plastic frames and accessories. Shopping baskets in the colours of your choice.

Aluminium processing

Various colours and formats for aluminium snap frames, pavement stands, suspension rails / suspension tubes, freezer rails and EmotionLine profiles.

Plastic extrusion

Coloured shelf edge profiles and PosterLine price displays.