Sustainability concerns us all!

Think and care

Our efforts to protect and ensure sustainable resources are extensive and ISO-certified. Protecting resources is our priority in selecting raw materials, as well as in production and waste management.

We produce 1,500 different label products and other items in our range, all emission- and PVC-free at our production facility.

Here you can find information about our certifications.


Environmental Management

We utilize an environmental management system and have obtained certification according to the international standard ISO 14001:2015.


Our labels and packaging are environmentally friendly and can be recycled along with regular paper waste.

Sustainable Products and Packaging Here you will find a guide to understanding our sustainability factors.

Production According to EU Safety and Health Requirements

Our products comply with EU safety and health standards mandated for the product, and do not contain hazardous substances as indicated in the RoHS directive.


FSC logo

FSC® Certified Products

Forests provide us with clean water, fresh air, and help combat global warming. Many of the products we purchase every day are made with materials from the forest. By opting for FSC®-labeled products, you help protect the world's forests and the people who live and work in them.

Avery offers a wide range of FSC®-certified products made from responsibly sourced paper. When you purchase these products, you contribute to preserving areas with endangered animals and plants.

Avery Nordic is FSC® certified with license code FSC® C116598.

The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel

Avery was awarded "The Blue Angel" certification for its range of labels made from recycled materials. "The Blue Angel" is the first and most recognized eco-label worldwide.

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