Naming for career usage

by Avery® BadgePoint®

Quality name tags worn by employees when representing their company for daily business use, for representing businesses in the tourism and service sectors or for trade fair/exhibition usage.

Designed premium bagde holders with patented smag® magnet with strong effect and printable badge holder inserts with patented Quick& Clean™ technology, that ensures clean edges and easy customization with name, function, logos etc.

BadgePoint naming for career usage
Naming for career usage by Avery® BadgePoint®

Professional name badges are a key component of any modern corporate identity.

A name badge is a classic way of adding a personal touch to day-to-day business, allowing people to be addressed by name and helping to promote open communication with guests, customers or patients.

It is too a popular choice on training courses, at conferences and in meetings, making it easier to network and establish new contacts. Name badges for career usage are simply for all branches and industries.

Use Avery by badgepoint® long-lasting name badges for a professional look. The Badgepoint range is high quality products, all made in Germany, with patented smag magnet and inserts with sharp edges. Durable in time, easy to carry and modern. These name badges will support your staff to present your shop, clinic or hotel in the best way.