Avery Ultragrip

NEW! Labels with Ultragrip

The first labels with a distinctive grip

Avery Ultragrip

Ultragrip is the latest product development from Avery, giving label sheets a three-dimensional profile - a benefit that is clearly noticeable not just for the hands, but also for your printer. The patented technology ensures optimal sheet insertion and accurate printing. And the clear blue stripe, which is only found in this new range, is your guarantee that you are using the highest quality products in your printer.

  • Accurate printing and optimal sheet insertion, even on older printers.
  • The blue Ultragrip is your guarantee of a genuine Avery product.
  • Time and cost savings, especially for frequent users.
  • Professional printing has never been easier
Have you also experienced prob­lems with printing in the past?!

We know that printers don’t work perfectly all the time.  Guide rails and printer rollers get dusty or worn off and lose their reliable grip.
When this happens, the label sheet won’t be fed into the printer in a straight way resulting in a crooked printing image or, in the worst case, printer-jam.

That’s why we have done something against this:

we have developed an innovative  Ultragrip-technology (patent pending).

The new Ultragrip-technology on the label sheet ensures a perfect printer feed and jam­free printing.

How does this unique Ultragrip-technology work?

***Patent pending***

What's the promise behind your label?