Extra Strong Labels

Stick 3 times stronger than conventional labels

Eco Friendly
TripleBond™ Labels L6141-20 Content: 480 Labels / 20 Sheet
63.5 x 33.9 mm
480 Labels / 20 Sheet
Eco Friendly
TripleBond™ Labels L6140-20 Content: 800 Labels / 20 Sheet
45.7 x 25.4 mm
800 Labels / 20 Sheet
Avery Extra Strong Labels

Do you sell products where displaying product information is vital? What would happen if someone managed to easily peel off the label? This could really cause you problems if it’s legal or safety information so you need a permanent label that is guaranteed to stick safely. Avery TripleBond Labels do exactly that. They are guaranteed to stick three times stronger than conventional materials. Whether it’s metal or plastic, hot or cold you can be sure the label will remain in place.