Markers and arrows for marking

For clear marking on documents and timetables

Mark important places in documents and on plans with a marking arrow, or provide your opinion without words but using a happy/sad emoji or thumbs up/down. Use markers when you want to draw attention to something.

Arrow Attention Labels
See here!
Make recipients aware of what you want to highlight

 When you receive a large pile of paperwork from the bank, solicitors, supplier or others who send you documents that need signing and where you need to be aware of important changes, dates or places, life would be easier if the sender used marking arrows from Avery.

 With the self-adhesive marking arrows, you can easily and visibly mark and highlight important passages of text, dates, milestones in project plans, places on a map or similar. This means you avoid important information and places being overlooked.

 With reward dots you can easily, quickly and visually show whether you are for or against, or whether you think something is good or bad. As well as using the stickers for e.g. teaching, you can also use them at home, in the workplace and for different associations, sports clubs etc.