Seal labels

With VOID safety text

The content of your parcels and document files is confidential and only suitable for the recipient - And you can secure this with Avery's seal labels and security labels. The labels come with the recognisable and internationally known term of "Security Seal". The security text "VOID" remains on the seal surface once the label has been removed, thus protecting your products from undesired access.

Avery seal labels - protect your parcels and documents with VOID security text
Security seals 7311 Content: 200 Labels / 200 Labels

Security seals 7311

All countries
38 x 20 mm
200 Labels / 200 Labels
Security seals 7310 Content: 100 Labels / 100 Labels

Security seals 7310

All countries
78 x 38 mm
100 Labels / 100 Labels
Seal and security
Visible labels with preventative effect

Protect sensitive documents or valuable products from being tampered with and misused during shipping and transit. Security sealing with labels/security labels is a flexible alternative to traditional sealing. It's a cheap, fast and effective solution. The security seals are not industry specific and can be used in almost all industries. The seal labels do not in themselves provide any specific type of protection, but they do make it clear that what they are covering is sealed, which can have a preventative effect and visual consequence if the label is removed; the VOID text will remain on the sealed surface. This means that you will always be able to spot any unauthorised access or breaks to the seal

 The specially developed adhesive on the security seals adheres securely to all standard packaging and shipment materials. The labels are also split by perforations for easier and faster handling, making them perfect for larger packing stations.