Parcel labels in volume packs

For those with multiple dispatches

Avery parcel labels in 300 sheet packs makes your multiple parcel dispatch easy. Labels in volume packs are competitively priced and the best choice if you need to send multiple parcels out often or daily, such as from your own web shop. The labels also come in a handy box for easy storage between use.

Avery parcel labels in volume packs - for those with multiple dispatches

Parcel labels in volume packs

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For those who have to send multiple parcels
Choose labels in volume packs

If you have a web shop where you need to send parcels out daily, or you just send parcels out often, the parcel labels in packs of 300 sheets are a cost-effective option. Here you get 300 sheets of Avery's top quality labels in a smart, handy box, for easy storage between use.

The label sizes fit the franking machine systems used by UPS, DPD and other courier firms, were you can print out labels directly via their system on your printer. But you can of course also design and print your own parcel labels with Avery's free software, Avery Design and Print, where you'll find a label template and a wide range of pre-designs and graphics.