Parcel labels

Fast, reliable and professional

Labels suited to packages, boxes and parcels in all sizes. Available with different functions, and for laser and colour printers or inkjet printers. Secure adhesion and with the JamFREE™ guarantee, you also prevent printer stoppage and printing delays. Design and print easily and for FREE with Avery Design & Print.

Avery package labels - Fast, secure and professional
Labels for parcels of all sizes
Find the right label for your parcels

 A label isn't just a label. Over time Avery has developed different functions and features for labels that support the needs you have for the environment, appearance or use of labels. Or perhaps you're looking for labels that are optimised for use in laser or inkjet printers, labels on a roll for your Thermodirect printer, Thermotransfer printer, your dynamo printer, or maybe you need labels for your franking machine.

 The weatherproof package labels are made from strong and durable polyester, which can withstand wind and rain. This means the text on the label is always legible for the postman, whatever the weather. They also tolerate oil, dirt, water and UV rays, and temperatures from -20 to 80+ degrees. They are suitable for all packaging, including polythene and Tyvek letters.

 Labels with QuickDRY™for inkjet printers work well as address labels for letters, parcels and tubes of all sizes. They adhere securely and the QuickDRY™ surface means the ink dries immediately, so they are ready to use straight from the printer without leaving traces of ink.

The FSC certified labels ensure the paper comes from responsible forestry.

Labels in 100% recyclable material are the green alternative. They are made from 100% recycled paper, have a water-based and environment friendly adhesive, and come in a recycled box.

Avery's JamFREE™ guarantee means you don't have to worry about labels getting stuck in the printer and causing a blockage.

With Avery's free "Avery Design & Print" software and templates, you can easily design and print your own labels in no time.