Labels for freight and shipping

For all types of dispatch

Whether your consignments are big or small, you will find the labels you need in Avery's extensive range of address and parcel labels. Labels with QuickPEEL™make it quicker and easier to remove the label from the sheet when you need many labels at once. And with Avery's free templates and software, you can design and print your own labels in no time.

Avery freight and shipping - Labels for all types of parcels
Avery package labels - Fast, secure and professional
Find the right label for your parcels
shipping labels with BlockOut™
100% coverage of what’s underneath
Avery parcel labels in volume packs - for those with multiple dispatches
For those who send multiple parcels
Avery Weatherproof Labels
Stays intact in all weather conditions
Addressing and parcel labels for Label Printers
For use in your Dymo® or Seiko® Label Printer
Avery Thermodirect and Thermotransfer labels-for Zebra, desktop and industrial printers
Professional labels on roll
Avery Warning and Information Labels
For a safe arrival of your mail
Avery seal labels - protect your parcels and documents with VOID security text
Visible labels with preventative effect
Avery Franking Machine Labels
For all standard franking machines
Extensive range
Pick the right label for your parcel

 A label is not just a label. Over time Avery has developed different functions and features for labels that support the needs you have for the environment, appearance and function. Or perhaps you're looking for labels that are optimised for use in laser or inkjet printers, labels on a roll for your Thermodirect printer, Thermotransfer printer, your dymoprinter, or you need labels for your franking machine.

Your needs will vary depending on where you have to send your parcel, whether it's big or small, whether you have to send one or many, whether you use a courier or post office, how you frank it, what the parcel can tolerate, or perhaps, more importantly, what it doesn't tolerate. All these conditions need to be considered, and with Avery, you will always find the right label to meet your needs.

 Choose from labels that can be used in different printers, such as laser printers or inkjet printers, Thermodirect printers and Thermotransfer printers, dymoprinters or Seiko printers, franking machines or similar.

You will also find pre-printed information labels and warning labels that make it easy to label your parcel as delicate, show which end up it should be, and whether it needs to be kept dry or away from direct sunlight.

 Avery's JamFREE™guarantee gives you peace of mind that the labels won't get stuck in the printer and cause a blockage.

With Avery's free Avery Design & Print software and templates, you can easily design and print your own labels in no time.