Textile & CD markers

Get a label on it

Avery Textile Marker with waterproof and colourfast black ink, machine wash up to 90°C, and is perfect if you need to write your children’s names on their clothes, bag or gloves, or if you have work clothes that needs to be labelled.

Avery CD Marker is ideal for datasafe marking of  CD, DVD and Blu ray.

Both is without tulol, xylene and heavy metals. Ink and plastic parts conform to EN71-3 and they have ventilated cap according to ISO 11540.

Textile and CD markers
Avery Textile Marker TXBK Content: 10 Markers

Avery Textile Marker TXBK

10 Markers
waterproof, water-resistant, quick-dry, text_alcoholbasedInk, text_WithoutTulol
Avery CD Marker CDBK Content: 10 Markers

Avery CD Marker CDBK

10 Markers
quick-dry, text_WithoutTulol