Clothing Labels

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Content15 Labels
  • Permanent adhesion
  • Sticks to all kinds of fabrics - not suitable for denim
  • For min 30 times in washer and dryer
  • No Ironing neccessary :-)
  • Suitable for permanent marker (please allow to dry thoroughly)
  • Clothing Labels 63006
  • Clothing Labels 63006
  • Clothing Labels 63006
  • Clothing Labels 63006


All this cute little tiny things, vests, socks, pants and hats...and all mixed up together in the creche, kindergarten of school. If little Mary comes home in little John's socks you know you need to step in: first get them not to take their socks off all the time and secondly, stick clothing labels with their name on everything that can be taken off. And as a busy mother you will appreciate the fact that there is no need of an iron to stick them on, they even last for at least 30 times in the washer and dryer, until then they have outgrown these socks anyway.

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