METO Eagle The professional hand labeler meets the demand of high volume labeling

For price marking and identification in Gift Shops, Apparel Stores, Consumer Electronics, Food Retail, Petrol Stations, Book Stores, Health & Beauty, Perfumery, Drugstore, Sports Store, Toys, DIY, Supermarket, Catering, Fast Food, Medical institutions, as well as Manufacturers & Distribution Centres, supplying above mentioned retailers.

  • Semi-automativ label loading
  • Clean and easy ink refill
  • Comfortable softgrip
  • Ready to use
  • Clear and precise print
  • Modern fonts
  • Durable
  • Solid label transport
  • Economical and efficient
  • Customizable
  • Full service
METO products - METO Eagle
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In addition to the standard solutions we also produce products tailored to your individual wishes.

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