NEW IN: Anti-virus protection foil

Eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms

All companies have to implement hygiene measures to protect employees and customers from viruses and bacteria - not just temporarily but permanently.

Avery brings you the perfect solution with our innovative antivirus protection foil and antimicrobial labels They eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms. Avery antimicrobial labels and foil protect you and others.

Avery antimicrobial labels
Avery Antimicrobial labels

Viruses and bacteria lurk on many surfaces

Bacteria, viruses or spores can multiply freely on many surfaces without regular disinfection. But as a restaurateur, doctor or business operator, you need to protect your guests, employees and patients.

Surfaces that clean themselves – thanks to our new antimicrobial coating, this is now a reality. The foil has an antibacterial and antiviral effect and provides continuous protection.

Avery antimicrbial labels

Eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms

Tested according to ISO 22196 (mod.) by independent institutes

Avery microbial labels

Self-sterilising - Permanent and long-lasting effect.

The effect of the antimicrobial film is activated when exposed to visible light and oxygen.*

Avery antimicrobial labels

At least 1 year of guaranteed effectiveness.

The label can be partially printed and cut to the desired size without loss of effect.

Avery antimicrobial labels

Resistant to disinfectants and detergents.

Water-resistant, temperature-resistant and tear-resistant.

*Note: The antimicrobial effect is activated by light and oxygen. This means that the effect is "paused“ when there is no longer any light. As soon as the minimum amount of light hits the label, the antimicrobial effect is re-activated. The label works both in artificial light and in natural light.

Our antimicrobial products

Avery Antimicrobial labels, white
  • White self-adhesive foil
  • Suitable for doors, desks, books, light switches etc.
  • Can cut to required size without loss of effectiveness
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very Antimicrobial labels, transparent
  • Transparent self-adhesive foil
  • Suitable for doors, desks, books, light switches etc.
  • Can cut to required size without loss of effectiveness
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How the antimicrobial foil works

Contaminated surface

Viruses and bacteria multiply freely on surfaces

How the foil works

Film disables viruses using visible light and oxygen

Virus-free surface

Viruses are de-activated quickly and efficiently = virus-free surfaces

Use of the antimicrobial film

Use antimicrobial film on frequently affected surfaces. Before application, the surface must be free of dust, dirt and grease. Not suitable for curved or angular surfaces.


Door handles are bacterial traps. The anti-bacterial foil protects all surfaces - both in offices and stairwells.

Ideal door handle format*: 105 x 148 mm

Avery antimicrobial labels

Antimicrobial labels on light switches prevent the spread of viruses & bacteria.

Ideal format for light switches*:
40 x 40 mm (cut out to fit)

Avery antimicrobial labels

Secure protection by attaching the antimicrobial foil to booklets, folders or menus.

Ideal format for booklets:
210 x 297 mm

Avery antimicrobial labels

Open doors safely - the anti-microbial labels provide permanent protection.

Ideal format for signs:
210 x 297 mm

*Note: The suggested formats for door handles and light switches are adapted to the most common models. However, we recommend that you measure the item first to be sure. Before application, the surface must be free of dust, dirt and grease. Not suitable for curved or angular surfaces.

Worth knowing:

Avery antimicrobial labels Lock 3

How exactly does the antimicrobial action work?

The special lacquer coating makes the foil anti-microbial

Based on the photodynamic process, bacteria and viruses are permanently eliminated with oxygen and visible light/artificial light. Photodynamics is a photophysical process of energy transformation.

The Dyphonx photodynamic catalyst (= special dye) is activated by visible light and then transferred to the oxygen in the atmosphere. This produces the antimicrobial active Singlet oxygen substance. The substance destroys microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in the subsequent chemical process using oxidation. This does not cause any resistance.

The unique functionality of the technology is patented and confirmed through several studies and certificates of its effectiveness against bacteria and viruses (e.g. certificate for Dyphonx ® universal influenza virus coating H1N1 and TGEV, a representative of the coronavirus family).

Can the label prevent the transfer of the COVID-19 virus?

This product has not yet been explicitly tested for COVID-19 viruses.

It has been tested against other members of the same family of human coronaviruses (ISO 21702 Human Corona Virus NL63) with similar cell structures and has proven to be highly effective.

An effect on the H1N1 virus has been confirmed by independent laboratories.

Avery Antimicrobial labels

Can the label be printed?

Labels can be printed on any standard laser printer or colour laser printer.

Printing on the entire surface of the label should be avoided as much as possible. This is because the laser printer's toner would cover the antimicrobial surface of the label, thus limiting its effect.

Avery antimicrobial labels

How is the foil constructed?

The foil material is equipped with an antimicrobial coating, which is continuously activated by light and oxygen.

The foil and its coating are extremely durable. They are water and tear-resistant, resistant to oil, detergents and disinfectants and can withstand temperatures of minus 20 to plus 80 degrees. This makes the anti-virus protection foil equally suitable for hospitals, laboratories, production and logistics as well as kitchen- and toilet facilities.