Continuous Computer Labels 116 x 74 mm, Dot Matrix

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  • Guaranteed safety. Faultless, jam-free passage on all systems and outstanding folding properties enables trouble-free printing of bulk orders, even for overnight production
  • Environmentally friendly. Chlorine-free, bleached and provided with solvent-free adhesive
  • Optimally suitable. Perfect for the handling bulk consignments in authorities, trade and industry
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  • Continuous Computer Labels 42155
  • Continuous Computer Labels 42155


Most modern devices today print labels on A4 sheets. However, in many companies, some devices still need continuous labels. Avery's continuous computer labels are ideal for stream-lined written correspondence. If, for example, you are planning a large mailing campaign, thanks to flawless throughput on all systems and outstanding refolding properties, you can also easily print out the addresses overnight.


Dimensions116 x 74 mm
Printer typeDot Matrix
Adhesive Typepermanent
Made fromPaper
Shaperectangular with rounded corners
Eco-friendlyChlorine free bleached materia

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